The Wonderful 101 on Switch teased for what feels like the 101st time

‘Wondeeeeeeeer-Tease!’ (Pic: PlatinumGames)

A simple image of the PlatinumGames office revives hopes that The Wonderful 101 will be ported to the Nintendo Switch.

It’s been a few years now since PlatinumGames first teased its fans that a Nintendo Switch port of the underrated Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101 was coming. Since then, things have been very quiet, to the point where it seemed unlikely that the port was even happening.

Today, though, fans’ hopes have flared up once again, thanks to a seemingly innocent photo of Platinum’s office.

At a first glance, it’s just Hideki Kamiya (Platinum co-founder and Wonderful 101 director) sitting at his desk, but people were quick to notice the time (1:01) and date (10/1) on his computer.

Between this and the Switch on the desk next to him, it’s pretty obvious this is an intentional tease on Platinum’s part.

While it could just be the company trolling its audience, there is some (albeit small) evidence that point to a Wonderful 101 re-release actually happening, or at the very least, plausible.

There are rumours that Nintendo plan on bringing more Wii U exclusives to the Switch, and earlier this month, Platinum received a massive investment from Chinese tech company Tencent, meaning Platinum could explore the possibility of self-publishing.

Judging by the reactions on Twitter, a lot of people are buying into the possibility, while others are (possibly jokingly) suspecting that Platinum’s actually hinting at an Iron Giant game due to a statue of said giant on Kamiya’s desk.

Others seem slightly disappointed, however, since they are instead excited for Bayonetta 3, a game that we have heard next to nothing about since its initial teaser trailer in 2017.

The Wonderful 101 is currently only available on Wii U.

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