The Witcher season 2: Will Vesemir have a big role in the new series?

He survived the assault on Kaer Morhen but cannot create new Witchers because he was a fencing instructor and didn’t have the knowledge to use mutagens needed to transform young boys into the fearsome warriors.

Depending on the direction Hissrich wishes to take the story, we could see more of Witcher lore.

There have only been hints in season one suggesting Geralt may be the last of a dying breed, so it would be fascinating for more light to be shed on the mysterious Witchers.

Netflix has yet confirmed whether or not production has started on season two but given the early renewal, it could be soon.

Casting announcements are also likely to follow in due course as Hissrich works on the scripts for the next outing.

The Witcher season 1 is streaming on Netflix now


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