The weird and wonderful everyday lives of people in Essex

Danny Jackson specialises in capturing candid photos of people going about their everyday lives on the Southend streets and seafront near where he lives. 

His work is about highlighting the “eccentricity” of people in his home county and has decided to release this street series due to the fact people cannot go out as much during lockdown.

Danny said: “I’m really missing being able to go out and about and photograph people going about their lives.

“I still take my camera with me everywhere I go, like when I’m out walking my dog. But I miss seeing life and things happening – there is less going on to photograph.

“Not being able to go out has made me look back over old photos I took in the pre-Covid days.

“I wanted to release those photos now as a way of still bringing people together during lockdown, to make them smile, and remind them that hopefully soon life will go back to normal.”


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