The Week In Geek Quiz: Doctor Sleep, Luigi's Mansion, See

We’re big fans of horror over at Den Of Geek mansions (we think a mansion sounds scarier than a tower. Unless you’re stuck at the top of it of course…), so you’ll find some monstrously tricksy teasers in our weekly brain-melter where we grill you on all the week’s hottest news.

This week sees the release of the mildly chilling but genuinely rather good sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep (check out our review and also our making-of feature), starring Ewan McGregor. And if horror in the movies is your thing, you might want to have a little watch of this first trailer for The Grudge reboot – the movie is coming in January next year.

Small-screen scares came in the form of the first teaser for Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat’s Dracula, which landed at MCM Comic Con last weekend (oh yeah. Comic Con. That’s why we’re so flippin’ exhausted!). While in the world of games, Red Dead Online revealed its Halloween mode, we reviewed Luigi’s Mansion 3 and we gathered up all the games based on horror movie franchises for your delight and delectation. 

Not everything is about horror, though (boo, we wish it was). Also announced this week was a new Superman & Lois telly series, while Jason Momoa series See began on Apple TV. And it turns out when one Game Of Thrones prequel is binned, another pops up in its place

So another busy week! What better way to close it off, then, than by trying your hand at our little weekly quiz-lette? Get a cup of tea. Maybe a biscuit. Maybe a Twix? Mmmm. Twix. And fire up your noggin for The Week In Geek Quiz. Post your scores in the comments so we can applaud you/laugh at you from our haunted mansion/office/post-Comic Con fugue state…

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