The Walking Dead Season 10 : What to Expect from the Extra Episodes

Unfortunately, the episode didn’t really spend all that much time with Maggie. We don’t know what her life has been like with Georgie’s people, who her companion in the iron mask is, or how she feels about seeing Negan outside of a cell. These will likely be the focal points of Maggie’s story in these six episodes.

The first of the extra episodes, suitably titled “Home Sweet Home,” will focus on Maggie, as she “fights an unseen and unknown threat” with Daryl, all while “her past catches up with her.” The synopsis for the episode also mentions that Negan’s “safety is at stake again.”

While it’s unclear who the “unseen threat” might be, it’s safe to assume that Maggie will clash with Negan at some point in this episode. After all, Maggie did try to kill him before she left the settlements in season 9. Does she still harbor a deep hatred for the reformed villain or has she found some peace in the last few years? “Home Sweet Home” will very likely answer that question.

Each Episode Will Focus on Just a Few Characters

Since these next six episodes are being filmed in the middle of a pandemic, it should come as absolutely no surprise that each episode seems to only focus on a few characters at a time. While Maggie is the focus of “Home Sweet Home,” Daryl and Carol will take center stage in the follow-up episode “Find Me.” Gabriel and Aaron go on a supply run in “One More,” while Princess finds herself alone once again in “Splinter.” “Diverged” is another Daryl and Carol episode that seems to lead into the final episode, “Here’s Negan.”

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Social distancing was undoubtedly a factor when developing and writing these episodes, and it’ll be very interesting to see how showrunner Angela Kang and her writers’ room have adapted the stories to compensate for a real-world health crisis. If nothing else, the structure of these episodes should allow the show to focus in on characters of interest and tell personal stories about them. And no, you shouldn’t expect any walker hordes this time around.

Lots of Flashbacks


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