The Walking Dead season 10: Carol ‘confirmed’ to kill Alpha? ‘I wouldn’t be too surprised’

With the fifth episode of season 10 right around the corner, the intensity between the Whisperers and the communities on The Walking Dead is reaching boiling point. Already this season, Carol (played by Melissa McBride) has tried to kill Alpha (Samantha Morton) and with an “all-out war” teased by AMC showrunner Angela Kang, she may get another chance. exclusively spoke with Jason and Lucy from podcast The Walking Dead ‘Cast to find out if it could happen.

Will Carol kill Alpha in The Walking Dead?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead and the comics.

Fans familiar with The Walking Dead comic-books will know it isn’t Carol who kills Alpha.

In fact, it is Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who manages to murder the Whisperer.

In the graphic novels, Negan decapitates Alpha in brutal fashion, leaving her beheaded torso for Beta (Ryan Hurst) to find.

However, fans of the TV series will also know the show doesn’t always adhere to the narrative of the comics.

It’s, for this reason, TWD diehard fans and podcast hosts Jason and Lucy think Carol could be the culprit – with a little help from Negan.


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His co-host on The Waking ‘Cast, Lucy, also hinted that she expects Carol to kill Alpha.

Discussing the Negan and Alpha decapitation, Lucy said: “It would be disappointing not to have that scene fulfilled,

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“But I wonder if Negan is going to spend more time with the Whisperers than he does in the comics.

“I can’t wait to see the scenes between them and to see how (and if!) Negan wins Alpha over.

“I’m rooting for the ’Frowny McTwoKnives’ interaction with Beta and Negan too.

“Ultimately, I think it may be Carol that kills Alpha but I see Negan playing a key role in getting us there.”


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If this is the last fans see of Alpha, she’ll be sorely missed in no small part down to Morton’s portrayal.

When asked about Morton in the role, Jason said: “She makes Alpha feel intimidating and dangerous and she plays her with such authority.

“It’s easy to believe people would follow her, defer to her, and be taken in by her aura of strength and certainty.

“I think she’s perfect for the role. I told Samantha Mortan that some of our podcast listeners have told us they think Alpha is the scariest villain in TWD history, and she looked really happy with that – It was fun to see Alpha blush.”

Lucy agreed: “She’s perfect, and to have an actor of that calibre on the show is a real gift.

“She does so much with her physicality and her limited dialogue – she’s top of my list of terrifying villains for sure!”

The Walking Dead season 10 continues every Sunday on AMC and every Monday on Fox UK.

The Walking Dead ‘Cast is available to download on iTunes here.


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