'The Walking Dead' creator explains why he killed off Rick Grimes in the comics

Season 10 of the AMC TV series is set to return next month

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has revealed why he killed off lead character Rick Grimes in the cult graphic novel series.

In the penultimate issue, Grimes was shot to death in his bed by a character called Sebastian Milton. He then briefly came back as a zombie before being killed again by his son Carl.

Speaking to at the Walking Dead season 10 TV series premiere, Kirkman said: “Rick Grimes fixed the world to the point where he was so safe that he could be killed by the weakest character in the book. It’s a statement on how good of a job he did.”

“At no point in the history of the comic could he have been killed that way. It wasn’t until the very end that he was able to relax.”

Fans were left shocked when the comic series, which is also a popular AMC TV series, reached its unannounced conclusion in July.

The Walking Dead comic was first published in 2004, and it ran for 193 issues.

Grimes’ fate took a different turn in the TV series seemingly disappearing in Season 9. It was later revealed that actor Andrew Lincoln would be returning as Grimes in three spin off movies.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead is set to return on Monday, October 7 at 9pm on FOX in the UK and in the US, the show will premiere on Sunday, October 6, on AMC.


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