Season 17 of The Voice is winding down, and that means the coaches are at the point where they don’t feel like they have to do much coaching.

At least that’s how Gwen Stefani feels. 

“At this point, and even like last week, I mean nobody’s flawless but it felt flawless. There was nobody that wasn’t so good that it was shocking me,” she told E! News after last night’s performance show. “So all I’m doing right now is like a cheerleader, you know what I mean?” 

She says she’s even learning from the contestants at this point, because they’re under a kind of pressure she feels she’s not so good at dealing with. 

At this stage in the competition, the singers might not need help with the actual singing, but song choice is everything

“You’re thinking about their voice, but you’re also thinking about what will be effective in a two minute presentation,” John Legend says. “If the audience will know the song, if it takes advantage of the right parts of their voices, has enough dynamic to show off how good of a singer they are…” 

Some songs might be right for an album, he says, but not a live competition. 

Blake Shelton says he’s really unsure about which of the final eight will make it into the final four in tonight’s elimination show…aside from Team John’s Katie Kadan, who’s been bringing the house down since the beginning of the season. 

Shelton has two contestants left, Kat Hammock and Ricky Duran. Legend has three, including Kadan, Marybeth Byrd, and Will Breman. Stefani has Rose Short, and Kelly Clarkson has Jake Hoot and the duo Hello Sunday. We could easily be in for a final four including a member of every team, or there could be only two teams remaining in the finale. 

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Hit play above to hear more from the coaches, and see below for all the remaining finalists!

The Voice determines the final four tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC. 

E! and NBC are both part of the NBC Universal family. 



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