The very best products for grey hairs – whether you want to disguise them or embrace them

There’s a greynaissance happening – never before has the spotlight been on silvery strands in quite the same way, but given 80% of us will go grey at some point, it’s a topic that brands are paying attention to.

Attitudes towards going grey have changed drastically over the last few years with leading advocates like model Daphne Selfe, actress Helen Mirren and Vogue journalist Sarah Harris embracing their natural colour and tastemakers like Ariana Grande, P!nk and Ciara all rocking 50 shades of grey.

But, whether you’re more than happy to let your hair go the way nature intended and embrace your greys, or would prefer to maintain the deep chocolate, titian or caramel colour that’s become your signature, there are more options than ever to give you exactly what you want.

Here are the best products to embrace your greys or blend them away…


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