The UK’s biggest and best garden centre Christmas display, mums say it’s got to be seen to be believed

WITH the festive season almost in full swing, parents are no doubt getting into organisation mode.

And, according to many mums, there’s just one place you should be heading to do all of your Christmas shopping this year – and it’s a treat for the entire family.

The garden centre has epic displays


The garden centre has epic displaysCredit: TikTok/winterroesx
Mums say it has to be seen to be believed


Mums say it has to be seen to be believedCredit: TikTok/winterroesx

That’s because the UK’s ‘biggest and best garden centre’ goes all out with their decorations every year – and 2023’s offering does not buck that trend.

A social media mum allowed her followers a glimpse into the store called Bents Garden and Home, located in Barten Grange in Wigan, as she filmed her experience there. 

The parent, who can be found on TikTok at @winterroesx, visited with her young kids, and they were equally entertained. 

In the video posted to her profile, she said: “Ok, guys, come to the biggest and best UK garden centre with me – these guys put on the best display every single year.”

And she wasn’t wrong, as her video captured all the magical details that make up the real-life winter wonderland.

This included a snowy porch as you arrived through the door, alongside a huge festive train filled with cute gingerbread men.

They also boast countless Christmas trees with sparkly fairy lights and everything else from penguin statues to gingerbread houses.

Each department is decorated to perfection, offering items separated out into colour schemes to make it even easier for you to look around.

Other highlights in the store included their vintage decorations, snow globes, elves, personalised, handmade wreaths and so much more for as far as the eye can see. 

She said: “There’s literally something for everybody – whatever colour scheme you’re going for, there is something.” 

And they don’t stop at just decorations, as they also stock toys, clothes, and even festive food.

The mum said that she loved it so much that if you live locally, you’re extremely lucky, before she continued: “Even if you don’t, it’s worth the travel to take your kids.

“You can spend hours here buying all the Christmas decorations or just looking at the Christmas decorations.

“Some of the decorations that they sell here, you literally can’t get anywhere else. 

“I’ve never seen some of the stock here anywhere at all – and you know me, I’m Christmas mad, so I go everywhere.

It’s truly one of the most magical places you can take your kids for free – and also for an adult

“You can also buy clothes here, or food here as there’s two cafes – a tapas cafe and then a breakfast until tea time cafe.”

She added that the cafe’s and products aren’t on the cheap side, it’s worth it for the whole experience that you get and that the quality across the board is “really, really good.” 

The mum added: “There’s a market too where they do meats and cheeses and even veg – there’s loads and loads of stuff you can buy here.

“They also have outside huts that you can go to for mulled wine, hot chocolate – honestly, you’ve just never been to a place like it, it’s the best.”

She concluded: “Videos just don’t do it justice – you’ve really got to see it in real-life. Your kids will absolutely love this and they will be here for hours.

“It’s truly one of the most magical places you can take your kids for free – and also for an adult.”

But it wasn’t just the mum who was impressed by the garden centre – her followers said it looked like the dream festive family day out.

One person wrote a string of heart eye emojis and added “omg”, while another said, “this is soooo cute.” 

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It has everything for the festive season


It has everything for the festive seasonCredit: TikTok/winterroesx
And trees and decorations for as far as the eye can see


And trees and decorations for as far as the eye can seeCredit: TikTok/winterroesx