The UK appears three times in Europe’s top 10 bucket list travel experiences

Bucket lists around the world were found to be full of UK travel experiences. A study by Unforgettable Travel looked at the top items for each continent and the UK appeared three times in Europe’s top 10.

In second place was France again, with the Louvre a bucket list item for travellers around the world.

Rome and its Colosseum came up third.

But at number four, the UK appeared with Glastonbury festival.

The festival has been going for over half a century and has seen some of the biggest acts in the world perform.


One of the world’s most famous music festival, it shouldn’t be a surprise it’s captured the imagination of travellers all over the world.

The UK appeared thrice on the top 10 list of bucket list experiences in Europe, the only country to do so.

At number eight was visiting Buckingham Palace.

The Queen’s official London residence is often seen on TV screens all over the world.

As the administrative headquarters of the Queen, the palace is at the epicentre of the monarchy and most visitors rank it highly on their bucket lists.

Rounding off the top 10 of bucket list travel experiences in Europe was running the London Marathon.

With over 40,000 participants every year, the London Marathon is no small affair.

Passing some iconic London landmarks such as the Tower of London and Big Ben, the running event also crosses the river on Tower Bridge and ends in front of Buckingham Palace.

Europe’s top bucket list travel experiences

1. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

2. Touring the Louvre in Paris

3. Exploring Rome’s Colosseum

4. Going to the Glastonbury Festival

5. Partying in Ibiza

6. Riding the Orient Express

7. Seeing La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

8. Visiting Buckingham Palace in London

9. Cruising the Norwegian fjords

10. Running the London Marathon

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