THE second of the two horrors out this week and neither are very good.

Henry James’ 1898 horror story The Turn Of The Screw gets a relatively modern update, set in the grunge-soaked early Nineties.

 This film is utterly ridiculous and not worth your time.


This film is utterly ridiculous and not worth your time.Credit: AP:Associated Press

Mackenzie Davis (so good in Tully and Black Mirror but wasted here) plays Kate, hired to teach a couple of orphans on their estate in Maine, US.

Once there, the children and house reveal their secrets – and they aren’t pleasant. According to reports, Steven Spielberg oversaw the filming, calling it a “passion project”. If that is true, it makes me sad.

That the man who gave us Jaws and Poltergeist had even a smidgen of a hand in this relentlessly dull barrage of cheap tricks is beyond me.

It tries far too hard – whether it’s the casting of Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard as Miles, the brattish kid, or the intentionally ambiguous but unintentionally hilarious ending that had me screaming at the screen.

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Why on earth would a woman, fresh from being attacked by a scary being, and covered in blood, strip to her knickers and stick around the house?

There is not a single person in the world who wouldn’t have legged it two minutes into the film (I wish I had).

Utterly ridiculous and not worth your time.

The Turning (15) 94mins




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