The trainer who whipped the Game of Thrones cast into shape for season 8 shares the 6 wellness hacks they swear by

Ever wondered how some of the Game of Thrones cast managed to wield those big swords and film all those battle scenes again and again?

It comes as no surprise that celebrity personal trainer and founder of Twenty Two Training, Dalton Wong, whipped some of the cast members into shape for the show.

Superstars Gwendoline Christie and Kit Harrington called on Dalton to get them into tip-top shape afor all those fight scenes. Speaking exclusively to GLAMOUR, he shared his 6 top tips to follow if you want to train yourself like a GOT star.

1. Resistance Training

Resistance Training is one of the many types of training we did. Resistance training is important as it helps protect your joints, improve your body composition and makes you stronger. Being stronger can’t be the only type of training as Gwen and Kit needed to have good posture, be mobile and flexible.

Top Tip: Make sure lifting weights are implemented into your program but not the only type of training.

2. Flexibility and mobility

Flexibility and mobility was also key to our program as both Kit and Gwen needed to fight, run, ride a horse so they need their body to be strong, stable and flexible.

Top Tip: Don’t neglect flexibility and joint mobility, make sure you have some stretching and some joint specific exercise to help improve your joints health (knees, hips + shoulders).

3. Core training

We did various forms of core training due to the various fight scenes and also costumes. We did exercise to help stabilise the spine from cable chops, body-weight isometric holds, rotation and anti-rotation exercises.

Top Tips: Make sure your training plan focuses on 3 main aspects of the core; the lower abs which helps us stabilise the spine, Obliques to help in rotation and your lower back which connects your bum/hips to your larger back muscles.

4. Recovery

Recovery is key. I implemented soft tissue work weekly with both Kit and Gwen so they could recover from sessions and also improve their health and wellbeing.

Top Tips: Try to add some soft tissue treatments to your program, could be a massage or a beauty treatment. Perform some stretches before bed or foam roll, all of these can aid in a restful night sleep.

5. Weaknesses > Strength

We focused on our weakness not on our strength! My main aim was to make sure that Gwen/Kit were fit, healthy and ready for the shoot. We worked on issues that they had and aimed to correct them in the gym so it was resolved before they went back to work.

Top Tips: Focus on your weakness and you will become fitter/healthier. If you love to do cardio classes, then hit the gym or do a weight/resistance oriented class, love to lift weights then maybe add some flexibility to help your training.

6. Train at home!

Training doesn’t have to always be in the gym! I gave Gwen and Kit exercise plans to do at home so when they couldn’t make it to the gym they had a program they could do at home, at a hotel or abroad.

Top Tips: If you can’t make it the gym or classes then do some training at home. My Mini Band and Glider program is the perfect at-home resistance plan.


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