'The Tories couldn't care less about families separated by Covid at Christmas'

As the true scale of No10 failures over Covid emerge, thousands of loved ones will again suffer the pain of being apart for Christmas because of care home rules

Joanne Jannaway and dad Martin
Joanne Jannaway and dad Martin face Christmas apart for the second time

Above all else, Christmas is a time for family.

Problems are forgotten – if only temporarily – as we get to spend a few days with those we love most.

Last year, of course, the Covid pandemic wreaked havoc with many festive plans.

This time around, it was meant to be different, but for thousands of families with relatives in care homes it won’t be.

No one can blame care homes for being cautious.

We are still learning about the Omicron variant and must do ­everything we can to protect our most vulnerable.

After all, last year’s confusion over restrictions along with the Government’s mishandling of Covid saw 20,000 unnecessary deaths in care homes.

Common sense says that if the utmost care is taken then families should be allowed in for a visit – however brief.

If not, and the risks are too great, keeping them out, while tragic, may be for the best.

And as care homes struggle with lack of staff and yet more confusing “guidance” from the Government it is only fair to have sympathy for them.

But that won’t soften the blow for those families desperate to spend quality time with relatives.

Another blow is the emerging news of what happened last year.

Joanne Jannaway has been told she can’t see dad Martin on Christmas Day

While distraught families ­panicked about their frightened loved-ones, the Westminster ­party season was in full swing.

This is a government becoming defined by a lack of compassion, a galling one-rule-for-us mentality, and a general indifference to the suffering of others.

Show some respect. Put the champagne on ice until all of us can celebrate safely, with the ones we love.

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