The top designer-inspired baby names in the UK

That towel better be couture (Picture: Getty)

Baby names have definite trends. For example, names typically associated with older people towards the end of the 20th century (like Ethel and Alfred) made a huge comeback ones the noughties hit.

Some people also take inspiration from films, TV, or other cultural markers. There was a huge surge in Elsas after Frozen graced the silver screen.

So why not find your inspo from a brand? Especially if you’re a fan of a luxury fashion house, it’s not the maddest thing in the world to want an upmarket name for your little one. recently studied this trend, looking at the most popular fashion and beauty brands alongside registered baby names between 2000 and 2018.

As you can imagine, couture houses rank up top. There are a few household brands that make the top tens, to, such as Nivea and Estee.

Jewellery Box did add: ‘We excluded common names that may be associated with brands. For example, while Hugo Boss is one of the brands we looked at, we did not look at the name Hugo as it is a popular name in its own right; rather, we looked at the name Boss which is more commonly associated with the brand.’

They also looked at names in the US in a separate study, and while the results are largely the same, there were 283 girls called Maybelline, 198 girls called Dove, and 734 boys called Monolo.

Check out the UK results here.

Most popular ‘branded’ names for UK girls

  1. Chanel – 1,349
  2. Armani – 336
  3. Dior – 196
  4. Dolce – 105
  5. Estee – 53
  6. Omega – 10
  7. Yves – 7
  8. Cartier – 3
  9. Nivea – 3

Most popular ‘branded’ names for UK boys

  1. Valentino – 573
  2. Kenzo – 443
  3. Armani – 368
  4. Salvatore – 149
  5. Cavalli – 105
  6. Dior – 55
  7. Yves – 50
  8. Klein – 10
  9. Hermes – 8
  10. Cartier – 6

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