The Technology Revolutionising Fashion Businesses

Most companies manufacture clothing far away from home. For sizeable fashion
businesses globalisation has allowed for production overseas where economies of scale
have enabled expansion without the high operational costs.

High fashion brands and designer collections often require specific production
techniques like embroidery, the hand finishing of a hem or the craftsmanship of a silk-
covered button. These techniques may take them to India, Italy or elsewhere that is far
away from the place of operation. The only way to manage a complex supply chain
along with multiple international production sites is by having an advanced cloud ERP
system to oversee all fashion processes.

Itsperfect, a fashion tech company that provides web-based cloud software for the
fashion industry, has the perfect solution indeed.

Its technology is designed to track and trace products from the raw-material source to
the customer and at the same time deliver full visibility of the entire supply chain. The
key is to maintain a consistent format of data for all suppliers and elements of the chain
which allows for smooth processes ensuring those garments are embroidered or
hemmed correctly, be that in India, Italy or elsewhere.

Full digital transformation means large global companies will be using advanced
analytics in supply chain operations by 2023 (Gartner, 2018). For Itsperfect clients,
there is no need to wait a further three years as its industry leading software is quietly
building their fashion businesses.

Because when these businesses start to grow and scale up, quick decisions will have to
be made when orders increase from 150 units a week to over 30,000, for example.

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When upgrading from micro-factories to global production facilities and expanding the
supply chain with a wide range of commodities — from buying thousands of meters of
cotton to eyelets to New Zealand wool — calls for digital technologies that are both a
powerful tool and reliable resource enabling growth will be crucial.

As in all sectors, technology is revolutionizing how businesses operate, and Itsperfect is
leading the way in ERP software to streamlining and making processes more efficient.

In light of these technologies, fashion companies benefit from having a single touchpoint
to fully control any process within the business, whether it’s design, production, order
intake, logistics or finance.

Over 300 international brands ranging from emerging designers to fully-scaled
conglomerates are working with Itsperfect every day, taking advantage of their solutions
to manage and grow their businesses. Digitization has completely evolved the fashion
industry: don’t be left behind in the revolution, Itsperfect is the most advanced fashion
ERP system available today..


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