The Refy Lip Collection is all over our feeds right now. So, naturally, we put it to the test

The lip liner was soft on application and it did glide quite smoothly, but the formula is delicate, so don’t press too hard. The idea of the silicone textured setter was everything I wanted, as my main issue these days is allowing the liner to stay on my lips for longer than ten minutes. However, I struggled with it as in excess, it tries with a white-cast, it settles on the edges of the lips and crumbles a little, so you had to apply the tiniest amount and the applicator didn’t necessarily make that easy. By my second or third go I figured that less is defintely more in this step.

However, this clear gloss bought me faith back into doing up glossy lips over matte. It’s glorious, it’s not sticky, it’s smooth and the finish is like glass. I feel like a 90s princess when I wear it – Y2K Energy activated. Plus, the complements I get for it…whew! For that reason alone I am officially sold.

Rating: 8/10

Ali Pantony, GLAMOUR’s Acting Website Director

Shade: Blush

I swear by Refy products (if you haven’t tried the cream blush and gloss highlighter, where have you been?) so had high hopes for Jess Hunt’s latest drop. And it did not disappoint. I went for shade ‘Blush’ – a dusky rose that hits that perfect pink-but-not-too-pink hue – and I’m not going to lie to you, this pic is not the first time I tried it. It landed on my desk the day before I went on holiday, and I wore it every single day and night. 

The lip liner is creamy and blendable, making it very easy to apply, and the setting formula on the other side of the pen keeps the product in place for hours. Don’t apply too much though – I found I only needed a dab or two before rubbing my lips together – any more and it would be too drying. The gloss is high-shine and doesn’t feel sticky, but I prefer a matte lip, so I tend to skip the gloss step. Since I got my hands on this lip kit, I haven’t gone a day without using it. That says it all really.


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