The Preamble to Alternate Interior Angles

The Preamble to Alternate Interior Angles

Mathematics is a very broad concept everyone needs to have a good command of mathematics from childhood as the competition is arising day by day. Angles are the ones that are formed when two rays are joined together at a common point. The common point of that is known as the vertex and the two rays that are forming angles are known as arms of angles.  The angle was derived from the Latin word angelus. Angles are often measured by using a protector as it is a geometrical shape. Alternate interior angles are formed when the transversal lines intersect the two coplanar lines. Alternate interior angles are located on the inner side of the parallel lines but are located on opposite sides of the transversal. Moreover, the alternate interior angles represent whether the two given lines are parallel to each other or not. There are few properties of the alternate interior angles

  1. Alternate interior angles are congruent. In simple language, they have the same measure.
  2. The sum of the angles that are formed on the same sides of the transversal inside of the two parallel lines is always equal to 180.
  3. If there are non-parallel lines there are no properties related to alternate interior angles.
  4. If the angles are equal to each other then the transversal lines are parallel.

 The Co interior angles which are present on the same side of the transversal and the interior angles sum up to form 180 degrees. Moreover, the sum of two interior angles on the same side is always supplementary. There is one theorem known as the converse theorem of alternate interior angles. The theorem states that if the alternate interior angles produce a transversal line co-planner they are congruent and the two lines will be parallel to each other. Adjacent angles are the ones that are formed when the two angles have a common vertex and even the common sites but not the overlapping. Adjacent angles also have a common vertex, common arm; angles don’t overlap each other etc. Cuemath has been providing such innovative ways of learning mathematics puzzles as they have mentioned the best way for the kids to learn and grow in maths. Cuemath started 7 years ago to transform the learning way for children as we all know children are most interested in digital things and they don’t find physical education that interesting, they don’t get attracted towards physical education as they get towards more in digital education today.

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