‘The Platform’ Director’s Ending Explanation Is as Intriguing as the Movie


We shared the (mostly) non-spoiler portion of our e-mail interview with The Platform  director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia yesterday, but now it’s time to get into those burning spoiler-heavy questions we sent his way. With that being said, do not read this article if you haven’t seen The Platform on Netflix yet! 

The movie concludes with Goreng (Ivan Massagué) teaming up with his new cellmate, Baharat (Emilio Buale), to ride the platform down from Floor 6 to ensure that everyone below gets a portion of food. Eventually they hit a point where no one is alive anymore, but the platform keeps on going. With only the panna cotta left, they arrive on Floor 333 and the platform seemingly comes to a stop. They’re readying themselves to zip back up to the top with the panna cotta as “the message,” but that’s when Goreng spots a child hiding under one of the beds.

As soon as they get off the platform to go to her, it goes down again, stranding them on Floor 333. The child crawls out from under the bed; it’s a young girl. Is it Miharu’s (Alexandra Masangkay) daughter? She’s starving and Goreng insists on giving her the panna cotta. Goreng and Baharat then determine that the girl is “the message.” Baharat succumbs to his injuries, but Goreng is strong enough to board the platform with the girl when it returns and ride it down to the very bottom. Goreng prepares to ride the platform back up with her, but then the ghost of his first cellmate, Trimagasi (Zorion Eguileor), appears, telling Goreng his journey is over and “the message requires no bearer.” We then see the sleeping girl ride the platform up and that’s where the movie ends.


Image via Netflix

Needless to say, that ending might leave you with a good deal of questions. While Gaztelu-Urrutia was kind enough to respond to all of ours, I wouldn’t exactly call his answers cut and dry. But, that seems to be his intention with the film and is likely why it’s been on my mind for months now. Check out what Gaztelu-Urrutia told us for yourself in the spoiler portion of our e-mail interview below!

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What do you envision happening after the events of the film? Will the message be received?

GALDER GAZTELU-URRUTIA: That’s something that you should ask society. It’s up to all of us .… It depends on whether we want to remain the most miserable species that have ever set foot on this planet or if we want to …

Is that child really the woman’s? Was she born in the facility?

GAZTELU-URRUTIA: I know this, but I’m not going to reveal it … Street trill tricks…

the-platform-posterIs this the only facility like this in the world that the film takes place in or do you think there are more out there?

GAZTELU-URRUTIA: Of course. Many and in many different ways.

What are the administration’s goals?

GAZTELU-URRUTIA: That’s a minor issue …  What matters is what each of us do with the cards that we got …. This happens at the level at which we are at … Of course we have to protest and report injustice but … Are we going to keep shielding ourselves so that others – people or power structures – do it wrongly so that we don’t do what we have to do? As I said before, this is a social self-criticism. I don’t feel authorized at all to tell anyone what to do. The film only aspires to expose, not to indoctrinate or to lecture. And, of course, there are many who do what they have to do, but most of us spent the day looking for excuses …

Goreng asks if he’s been accepted during his interview. What would be a reason the administration would deny a willing participant?

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GAZTELU-URRUTIA: Goreng is meat from the Platform. They’ll accept him no matter what, but that way of approaching the interview by the administration, makes it that access to The Platform it’s shown as a great opportunity, as a luxury to aspire, when it is actually your perdition. I’m sure we’ve all been through some job interview like this …

Does anyone really get out?

GAZTELU-URRUTIA: Well … A police officer just arrived … I have to pick up from the table and get out of here … I will guard your 10€ and we’ll keep playing tomorrow at a place I will tell you later …


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