However, it was the closing credits that had viewers stunned by Gillian who got up to leave the moment Alex and Matt said their goodbyes. 

One viewer said: “She looked liked she wanted to be anywhere else but on that sofa. Completely sour face and couldn’t leave quick enough!”

Another added: “#TheOneShow Gillian Anderson wow what a personality she has…”

“When Gillian Anderson gives you this look you stop talking, immediately.” said another. 

And a fourth said: “Gillian Anderson sounding like she’d rather be doing something interesting, like washing her hair. All the charisma of moon rock #TheOneShow.”

“She even just had to stop herself stretching as SHE STOOD UP FROM SOFA before cut!!!!! Gillian Anderson was the British version of the Meg Ryan interview  ..!! #theoneshow

“I’m glad everyone else thinks Gillian Anderson is boring and up her own …. couldn’t wait to leave even before the show finished#TheOneShow

The One Show continues tomorrow at 7pm.


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