The OA season 2 spoilers: Jason Isaacs reveals fan theories are 'close to the truth'

The OA saw its second season being released on Netflix today, continuing the mysterious and intricate story that was set out in part one.

Prairie Johnson (played by Brit Marling) isn’t dead – which is great news – however she has somehow jumped into another dimension where she wasn’t shot in the cafeteria.

Obviously, this has tipped fans over the edge, and they have been spending a lot of time working on theories that could come to pass in the upcoming episodes.

It is one thing to write some fan theories for the show, but it is an entirely different beast to potentially predict what is coming – and that is exactly what some fans have managed to do.

Hap star Jason Isaacs was joined by newcomer Kingsley Ben-Adir – who plays detective Karim Washington – in discussing the new season and the predictions floating around about it.

Speaking to Yahoo! Movies Jason revealed: “There are many theories.

“We’ve read them, we’ve talked about them, but we don’t want to confirm or deny any of them. But you can run them all by us.”

However he wouldn’t divulge exactly which theories he had read online.

Jason then went on to add: “Some of the craziest theories are closest to the truth, so I’m not going to say.”

Although he didn’t mention exactly what these theories were, they could span almost anything – including the popular theory The OA is set in the same world as Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Likewise, an extremely popular prediction is that Nina (Prairie) has been in a coma the entire show.

Jason simply wouldn’t budge, however he did go on to reveal something else hidden in the show.

He continued: “Look, there are Easter eggs and clues throughout, because unlike almost every television show – or, certainly every television show I’ve ever been on – they’ve got the whole thing planned.

“They know where they’re going; they know where these strands are going to overlap, what’s going to come back and what’s going to resonate.

“So yes, there are definitely clues and Easter eggs all the way through the show.”

With that in mind, Jason was later asked about the possibility of a third season – to which he replied: “There’s a third, fourth and fifth season in the writers’ heads.

“I would hope if there’s any room for Hap, that I’d be part of as much of it as they fancy.”

So far a third season hasn’t been announced, but chances are good with the continuing popularity of the show heading into season two.

But can it make it all the way to season five?

The OA season 2 is available on Netflix now.


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