The Night House film leaves viewers terrified as they label it ‘scariest ghost story in years’

The Night House has left viewers terrified (Picture: Sundance)

Sundance Film Festival viewers were left terrified after new supernatural thriller The Night House, as they dubbed it the ‘scariest ghost story in years’.

Directed by David Bruckner, The Night House premiered at Sundance and was immediately picked up by Searchlight Pictures for worldwide distribution.

Viewers who got to see the first showing of the film were left sleeping with the lights on (probably), as they gushed about how terrifying the movie was.

The story follows a widow, Beth, trying to unearth the disturbing secrets of her dead husband Owen, set in a remote lake house built by him.

He died by suicide, and when Beth takes a look through his phone and finds photos of a woman who looks very similar to her, disturbing things start happening within her home.

The conclusion of the film has yet to be revealed, but IndieWrie claims it ‘breaks the rules of jump scares’, which is bound to leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Director David told Deadline magazine: ‘I joke that the script followed me home and wouldn’t leave me alone.

The Night House is directed by David Brucker (Picture: Invision)

‘I’m always interested in getting some kind of late-night spiral of anxiety on camera.’

Fans were impressed with how truly terrifying the film was, tweeting: ‘THE NIGHT HOUSE is a superbly crafted horror film with a shattering lead performance from Rebecca Hall soaked in grief, dread & paranoia.

‘Very effective sound design & jump scares that kept the suspense high at all times. Also packed quite a haunting dramatic punch by the end.’

Others added: ‘It’s a middle of the day and I’m still reeling from The Night House premiere. What a film by @bruckmachina and amazing performance by Rebecca Hall’ and ‘Whew. Just finished “The Night House” and I’ve never seen a horror film that had the entire audience in shambles. Easy top 3 of the films here at #SundanceFilmFestival!’

There is currently no word on a UK release date, so at least that gives us all plenty of time to steel ourselves for when it does eventually drop…

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