The New Pope release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is The New Pope out?

The New Pope is a new nine-episode series examining the modern papacy set to air on HBO soon. The outing is a follow-on from Paolo Sorrentino’s 2016 original show The Young Pope, which starred Jude Law in the lead role. Featuring John Malkovich as the new head of the Catholic church, the drama is much anticipated by fans of the original.

When is The New Pope out on HBO?

The New Pope will be released on HBO for US viewers in January 2020.

UK fans will also be able to see the series on Sky Atlantic at the same time.

Viewers have waited since 2016 for the latest outing to come out.

The second season had its world premiere earlier this year on September 1 2019 at the Venice International Film Festival.

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Who is in the cast of The New Pope on HBO?

The biggest addition to the second season of the show is John Malkovich who will be joining as Pope John Paul III.

The Oscar-nominated actor has appeared in films like Being John Malkovich and In the Line of Fire.

Jude Law will also be returning as Pope Pius XIII in the series after being nominated for a Golden Globe for his season one performance.

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Alongside the pair, the latest series is also set to feature some impressive cameos.

HBO announced this will include Hollywood actor Sharon Stone and American musician Marilyn Manson.

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Other cast members returning to cast include Silvio Orlando as Cardinal Angelo Voiello, Javier Cámara as Cardinal Bernardo Gutierrez and Cécile de France as Sofia.

However, Diane Keaton is not expected to be returning as Sister Mary.

What will happen in The New Pope on HBO?

HBO has not revealed an official synopsis for the new series, but some information has emerged following its premiere in Venice.

The new series is set to pick up where The Young Pope left off with Pius XIII (played by Jude Law) in a coma.

This leaves the Vatican City scrambling to find a viable replacement before they decide on Sir John Brannox (John Malkovich).

His character is an English intellectual who is best known for producing the theological text The Middle Way.

According to Deadline, at the Venice press conference for the series Malkovich hinted at was to come.

He said: “I play the new new Pope. Paolo [Sorrentino] is unique among filmmakers because he has such a great sense of geography, of putting characters in a geography.

“He’s an excellent writer and I think this series addresses people’s cravings for something spiritual and that they could believe in.”

Is there a trailer for The New Pope on HBO?

Yes, viewers can see the new trailer for the show at the top of this article.

The latest trailer sees Pope John Paul III welcomed into the papacy.

He is heard saying: “Everyone in the world should know who the Pope is. It’s not vanity, it’s necessity.”

However, it seems the new Pope has a volatile streak, just like his predecessor.

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He says: “I’m irresponsible, I’m indolent, I’m pompous, I’m conceited.”

The short clip also gives a glimpse at Pope Pius XIII in his coma as it is threatened he could wake up and retake his title.

The New Pope will be released on HBO and Sky in January 2020.


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