The most popular baby names for 2024 revealed & get ready for a resurgence of Eric and Barry

WITH each passing year, there’s a whole new set of trending baby names that come into fashion.

And if the experts’ predictions for 2024 are anything to go by, there’s set to be a resurgence of old popular monikers – as well as a whole host of new ones inspired by the recent Barbie film and Disney classics. 

Experts have shared their predictions for 2024


Experts have shared their predictions for 2024Credit: Getty

So what names are on the rise, and what does this mean? 

According to new research by greeting cards company thortful and Baby Name Consultant and Youtuber SJ.Strum there’s plenty of new names to look out for. 

And some big monikers from the past will be making a comeback, including the likes of Eric and Barry.

The reason for this? It’s all thanks to the likes of singer Meghan Trainor, who recently welcomed a baby Barry. 

SJ revealed: “We’ll see the trend for 90’s Normcore names after Meghan Trainor showed us how to find vintage gold with the name Barry for her newborn.

“Fast Fashion names like Hunter & Lexi are less appealing as we go back in time to pick a 90’s NormCore name – just like the fashion names come back in and Barry was peaking in 1996.”

She continued: “Other names in this trend are Amy which had its first upward trend last year, as did Claire and Sabrina so we’re expecting them to make a big comeback in 2024 – the teenage witch is cool again. 

“Alanis and Winona are also going to be up there. Ian also went up nearly 50 spots and Christopher went up 12 places.”

But that’s not the only trend set to emerge over the next twelve months. 

SJ went on to say: “Disney Names are one of the most common requests we get at the baby name consultancy: Baby Name Envy. 

“With Molly-Mae choosing Bambi and Stacey Dooley choosing Minnie – it’s a big trend for 2024. 

“Wearable names in this trend are Aurora; meaning dawn, the name of Sleeping Beauty, which is trending up an incredible 230 places last year and I predict it will hit the top 20 most popular girl names in 2024.”

And, thanks to the live action remake of The Little Mermaid, two other names are coming out as front runners. 

SJ explained: “There were 24 boys and 37 girls named Ariel last year but when we watch a blockbuster, baby names follow, and I predict Eric will also be a top baby name again within the next couple of years while it’s been languishing outside for over a decade.“

“More subtle names from Disney are Gus, after one of Cinderella’s mice or Flynn from Tangled. 

“For girls, Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one to use quickly as the remake is rumoured to be released in 2024.”


But The Little Mermaid isn’t the only film that’s had an impact on parents-to-be. 

After Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s star turns in the Barbie film, many are looking to the movie for inspiration.

SJ said: “BarbieCore names will be huge next year. Think girly and playful like Mariposa meaning butterfly, Blossom which makes you think pink and I think we’ll see a few Skipper’s joining the playground.

“There were 3 boys called Ken last year, but Kenny is a more modern-sounding version.”

While the actress herself is also changing the game, as SJ concluded: “Margot already is trending and up 30 places last year.

“If it repeats the same it will sit nicely in the top 20 names in the UK for girls – a huge revival for a name totally disused when Margot Robbie was born, given to just 8 babies that year.”

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Barbie and Disney have also inspired baby names


Barbie and Disney have also inspired baby namesCredit: Getty