'The moment I realised why my Tinder match was quizzing me about my job'

There are many perils when it comes to modern-day dating.

Trying to judge whether you’ll like them IRL, if they’ll ghost you after one meeting and the hassle of dating apps, in general, can take their toll.

And the latest anecdote from a woman who matched with a man on Tinder is unlikely to fill you with confidence.

The woman, who lives in Australia, was already pretty jaded by the dating app by the time she met Adam.*

She tried to keep their conversation on the app progressing at a slower pace, following a string of failed meetings.

But she admits she was flattered by his steady stream of attention – and agreed to meet for a drink before fully knowing what he was like.

Happy couple sitting in bar on a date.
The date went well at first

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And this turned out to be a big mistake – as her potential match only had one topic of conversation in mind.

“It soon became clear to me why he was so keen to catch up with me, and it had nothing to do with how ‘hot’ I apparently was,” the 36-year-old told 9Honey.

Prior to their meetup at a local bar, the woman knew a few facts – Adam had been married before, grew up in a big family and moved to Sydney following his divorce.

Pleasingly, the initial spark was there when they met – and she was happy she’d gone ahead with the date.

The woman was also impressed by how many questions he asked – smashing the trope where the suitor talks about themselves incessantly.

But things got a little weird after Adam quizzed her about her job at a local architect firm – and revealed that he knew her former co-worker of four years.

The woman had since moved overseas – but Adam couldn’t stop asking about her – which is a pretty odd move on a date.

“I told him I knew her very well, as we’d worked together for four years before she moved overseas,” she said.

“That opened up a string of more questions from him — he wanted to know where she was living, whether she was married and had any children.

“He was very insistent on knowing a heap of information about her and I wasn’t sure why.”

Adam then revealed the truth – Katrina was his ex-wife and hadn’t spoken to him since they got divorced.

Understandably, the date didn’t last much longer following his admission.

Criticising Adam for his actions, she said: “As soon as I realised what he was doing, I stopped talking about her and made an excuse to leave. Dating is difficult enough without a guy like this making it even more difficult.


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