The Masked Singer's Daisy confirmed as Kelis as Jonathan Ross exposes strange clue

It was a close one on tonight’s The Masked Singer with the judges divided on whether to send home Monster or Daisy.

This saw the judges split over their decision, but in the end they decided to eliminate Daisy.

When Daisy removed her mask, viewers were blown away to discover it was American recording artist, Kelis.

Rita, who had guessed it was Kelis from the start jumped up and down with excitement as she declared: “I’m the first judge to get it right”

A starstruck Rita continued: “Can I just say? One of the most important singers growing up.

“And I loved all of your music videos.”

Jonathan Ross then joked that Kelis might want to take out a “restraining order” on Rita.

This came after he revealed that Rita said she knew it was Kelis “because she knows the way you breathe”.

Elsewhere in tonight’s programme, viewers were convinced they’d discovered the identity of bottom two contestant Monster.

It was revealed ahead of Monster taking to the stage that his song choice was a big giveaway as to his identity.

Monster sung Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls, and eagle-eyed viewers were convinced this had led them to crack the case.

Viewers commented that Ceelo Green had writing credits on Don’t Cha.

He wrote the track alongside Busta Rhymes and Sir Mix-a-lot.


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