The Masked Singer: Duck’s identity revealed with huge Italian clue – did you spot it?

The latest instalment of The Masked Singer saw Daisy unveiled as US singer Kelis after a tense sing-off with Monster, who many have speculated is CeeLo Green. As the competition heats up, viewers and the judges continue to throw numerous guesses at the weird and wonderful characters on the ITV show but after one huge clue was dropped it looks like Duck’s true identity has been revealed.

Duck’s initial clues seemed to be intended to throw fans off the scent as they painted a picture of a competitive sports star.

In the character’s first introductory clip, Duck was seen wandering around a race track stating how much she likes to win. 

Duck revealed she speaks two foreign languages which she proved when she sang her second song in Italian.

However, combined with the sporty clues, viewers were stumped as to who the mysterious celebrity could be.

Some fans have speculated Duck could be Skunk Anansie singer, Skin and an unearthed tweeted from 2015 seems to prove this theory.

The singer may have exposed her appearance on The Masked Singer by revealing she was learning a foreign language while listening to heavy metal.

Skin shared on Facebook: “Learning Italian is like climbing Everest…In flip-flops, in a banana suit…Listening to Norwegian death mental…at full volume.

“Good thing I like a challenge!! What are your favourite Italian phrases…without the swearing, don’t get me in trouble you cheeky lot!! Lol.”

One tweeted: “If Duck on #themaskedsinger isn’t Skin, they need to start doing a tribute act for Skunk Anansie.”

“Convinced the Duck is Skin from Skunk Anansie on #TheMaskedSinger,” another wrote.

Someone else shared: “The more I hear from Duck, the more she sounds like Skin. If Skin is inside that preposterous duck costume, I am going to lose my mind! (I seriously considered shaving my head when I was about 15 because of her and I’m still a little bit in love with her.) #TheMaskedSinger.”

Another fans solved the “happy birthday” clue as they tweeted: “800,000 people sang happy birthday to Skin at a festival so that’s the Duck #TheMaskedSinger.”

Meanwhile, Kelis admitted she was gutted to be booted off the show after she lost a sing-off last weekend. 

“If I were to do it all over again, I’d have done something a little more dramatic or elaborate because that’s me,” Kelis remarked.

The pop star, who has sold six million records worldwide, described her exit as “bitter-sweet”.

“I definitely was getting a little bit competitive,” she confessed.

The Masked Singer continues Saturday on ITV at 7pm.


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