The Lighthouse trailer from the director of The Witch washes up

The Witch was a folk horror with a twist that saw Anya Taylor Joy’s young New England woman decide to ‘live deliciously’ at the behest of seductive goat Black Philip. But now in the first trailer for director Robert Eggers’ follow up it looks like there’s nothing especially delicious going down for Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse

Presented in an 1.19:1 aspect ratio (almost a square), the black-and-white horror movie, which premiered at the Cannes film festival this year, tells the tale of two lighthouse keepers in New England in the 1890s, driving each other slowly mad. 

The trailer is a mix of eerie intercuts and portentous sound, hard labour, ghostly effects and Willem Dafoe repeating the phrase “Why’d ya spill ya beans?” in a threatening manner. What beans? Real beans? Metaphorical ones? What kind of beans? We do not know. 

What we do know is that the movie got rave reviews from Cannes with both actors’ performances being highly praised – this is pretty much a two-hander unless you count the fleeting presence of Valeriia Karaman, who plays a mermaid.

Like The Witch, this looks like horror that somewhat subverts the genre and this oddly fascinating trailer puts the movie at close to the top of our list of chillers we’re excited about this year.

Have a look at the trailer here, and see if you can fathom why he spilled his beans.

The Lighthouse is expected to release in UK cinemas later this year.


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