The Lighthouse plot explained: What happened in The Lighthouse?

The following morning, Winslow discovers his master has been recommending he receives no pay for his work, and the pair have a brutal confrontation in which Winslow beats Wake into submission.

He sees the faces of various people on his master as he hits him, including the mermaid, his former boss and a sea monster like that of his dreams.

Trying to protect himself for Wake’s words, he buries his boss alive, and makes his way to the lantern to try and see the light for himself.

Wake escapes and attacks Winslow violently with an axe, but Winslow overpowers his foe and kills him with the same axe, and begins the ascent to the lighthouse.

He reaches the top and is mesmerised by what he sees, but as he reaches inside, he falls and breaks his leg as he tumbles down the stairs.


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