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The Lego Video Games are Doing Something They Haven’t Done in 15 Years – GameRant

Fans of the LEGO video games might be disappointed by something that is, or rather, isn’t happening for the first time in many years.

There’s a lot of well-loved franchises out there that have stood the test of time and have been market mainstays for decades. Some games just have it in them to keep getting people to come back for more, no matter where the franchise takes them. Amusingly enough, one of those veteran franchises stems from a line of toys that’s just as resilient and popular. LEGO games have been a classic source of family-friendly fun for more than twenty years, and the series is still going strong with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on the horizon. This game is a big, ambitious project that’s trying to define a new age of LEGO games, so fans of the games will want to watch it.

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However, there’s a bit of bad news that might disappoint some LEGO fans. Originally planned for this year, The Skywalker Saga has been delayed to 2021. Since no other licensed LEGO games came out this year, that means that 2020 will be the first time in fifteen years that there hasn’t been a new LEGO game of that type, breaking a rather impressive streak. While that certainly doesn’t mean that the franchise is falling apart or in any trouble, it’s definitely an unfortunate indicator of the greater struggle that game developers have been facing this year.

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A Stumbling Block

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It’s no mystery why The Skywalker Saga has to be postponed until next year. 2020 has been a year of delays across the industry, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began early this year. Even in this digital age, it’s hard to adjust to doing such intensely cooperative work like designing a video game when one can’t talk to coworkers face to face and collaborate efficiently. Chat rooms and emails inevitably come with some amount of delays and technical difficulties. Because of that, developers can’t be blamed for needing to take a little extra time on their projects, including Traveller’s Tales.

It’s especially inconvenient considering how many changes Traveller’s Tales wanted to make in the LEGO game formula with this next game. It’s hard to reinvent a franchise when planning and communication takes so much more work than it used to and could be stymied by something as simple as the wi-fi going out. Hopefully the obstacles that the developers are facing doesn’t keep Traveller’s Tales from trying bold new things with the games. LEGO is all about creativity, after all, so it’s very exciting to hear the studio wants to get creative with The Skywalker Saga. 

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Building Back Up

Again, it’s certainly not a hopeless situation that the LEGO games are in. The delay is just a compromise that the studio has to make in order to finish up and polish the game. Frankly, this delay might manage to build up even more hype. It is a game for fans to be excited about; after all, now that the sequel trilogy of Star Wars has concluded, Traveller’s Tales will continue its tradition of ensuring there is always a LEGO game that is a complete anthology of adventures in the Star Wars universe with a brick-based twist.

What makes the delay of this game hard for fans is that a brand new LEGO Star Wars game is really needed right now. It’s been a tough year across the globe, so a lighthearted game like The Skywalker Saga is sure to be a relief for a lot of players. Fans will unfortunately have to wait a little longer and accept the hiatus in licensed games for now. Surely Traveller’s Tales will come back swinging after The Skywalker Saga and potentially begin a bold new generation of LEGO games, just when players need them most. The franchise hasn’t broken apart; it just needs more time to put the pieces together.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga releases in spring 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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