The Latest Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

The Latest Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Diamond has all the characteristics to make a quality engagement ring. An engagement ring is presented by a partner to the spouse immediately after a marriage proposal or after a marriage proposal has been accepted. The rings style is crucial when buying an engagement ring.  Engagement rings are recognized globally as a symbol of love and promise to your partner.  It also symbolizes future marriage. The various styles of diamond engagement ring for couples make it easy for the love birds to purchase the perfect one. There are several colors to choose from. A diamond featured engagement ring depicts ones personality and preference.

Here are Some of the Latest Diamond Engagement Rings Styles

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The halo style features a center stone surrounded by other diamonds marking it look gorgeous and sparkly. The smaller diamonds make the center stone look very big and unique. After choosing the halo style proper maintenance is required to avoid losing some of the tiny diamonds. This type of style is available in every jewelry store.

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Solitaire style is the most common diamond engagement ring. It features a single stone consisting of a set in four or six prongs on a gold band. This style features a single diamond. Solitaires are elegant and require less maintenance care. It is ideal for people looking for simplicity and elegance. It is highly versatile to allow customization. You can customize it with your desired preferences. The thicker bands suits customization as compared to the thin bands. It has timeless quality thus making  it more appealing. It can also be paired with a wedding band.

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Three- Stones Diamond Engagement Rings

The three stone diamond engagement ring features a center diamond with two similar diamonds on both sides. This type of style has a vital value as the three stones represent the past, present and the future of marriage.  They are also known as trinity rings thus giving them a spiritual meaning. Princess and round cut diamonds are commonly used in the three stone style. They are classic and unique particularly for romantic symbolism.

Side-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

The side stone style features a center diamond joined by two or more small sized diamond on either side of it. They tend to be small in size but can easily add a big sparkle. They seem to be radiant and bright because of the additional diamonds made on one side. The center stone makes the ring look bigger. They offer an elegance look in the modern proposals.

Splint Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

Splint shank embraces a band that splits into two as it reaches the center stone. It entails either two, three or four strands each separated with a space. The variations in this style depend on the shape of the center stone and carat weight. This style is among the modern engagement rings.  It offers a look that is on trend. The double band allows additional of sparkling diamond accents based on your preference and budget. This style of engagement ring is ideal for elongated center diamonds such as pearl because it helps balance the diamond. Micro pave diamonds can be added to this style to give it an extraordinary look.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there are innumerable types of diamond engagement rings. Whichever style you choose will always be based mostly on your budget and personality. 

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