The Last Of Us Part 1 remake trailer leaks – costs full price $70

The Last Of Us Part 1 – an expensive remake (pic: Sony)

Sony has accidently leaked its own trailer for The Last Of Us Part 1 and it reveals the remake is not going to be cheap.

It’s been an open secret for months, but now there’s finally proof that the remake of PlayStation 3 game The Last Of Us is real, as Sony has accidentally released it early on their own website.

Presumably it’s on the website because it’s either going to be part of Summer Game Fest on Thursday evening or Sony has a second State of Play event planned this month – although at this point the former seems more likely.

Although many different people leaked the news the most recent was from a new leaker who got it 100% right in terms of the release date of September 2 and the fact that it is also coming to PC.

It doesn’t seem to be a simultaneous release, as the trailer mentions the PC version as merely being ‘in development’ but it’s the first time Sony has mentioned a PC version of one of its games at the same time as the console edition.

There’s also a bit of marketing blurb on the Sony website which says: ‘Experience the emotional storytelling and unforgettable characters of Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us, winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards and now rebuilt for PlayStation 5.’

That’s not very enlightening but the listing also says the price is $69.99, which is full price in the US and will mean a £69.99 price tag in the UK.

That price tag is not going to please some people as there doesn’t seem to be any new content, just the original DLC Left Behind, and some fans have already been complaining that a remake is a waste of developer Naughty Dog’s time, since the PlayStation 4 remaster still looks very good.

As the new title of The Last Of Us Part 1 implies, the remake seems to be primarily for newcomers to the series, especially those watching the upcoming TV adaptation. That and it’s also easy filler for Sony’s currently empty release schedules.

It may not look very different from how you remember the original game, but the graphics have been upgraded and Sony is planning a ‘total overhaul of the original experience’, with ‘modernised gameplay improved controls and expanded accessibility options’.

‘Enhanced exploration and combat’ is also promised, which probably means it’ll be changed to be more like the sequel.

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