The Irony of Endangering Democracy in Norway

The Irony of Endangering Democracy in Norway

Democracy was once the top destination and the top prerogative for every single person in every country. Since the moment the democratic movement was introduced people all over the world began craving democracy. This is perhaps so far one of the best practices to hear people’s voices and to make them feel comfortable in their habitat, in their lives, and in their not chosen life. Democracy is one of the ways to set someone free and one of the ways to get closer to justice.

Many countries managed and successfully became democratic countries. The countries found peace and freedom in becoming democratic countries and the citizens of those countries managed to prove and stand on their wills and voices. This is why democratic countries became the main aim for everyone to travel and to look like. While not every country managed to do so, it is still very important to acknowledge that democracy should not take as granted. Many people fought for being democratic and many people tried hard to become democratic country representatives. This is not something we should boast with but something we should be thankful for.

While some countries are dealing with the democratic processes pretty well, it should be outlined that there is the Nordic part of Europe which is doing extremely well. This can be simply proven by the fact that according to the happiness index, Nordic people are the happiest people in the world. This concerns especially Norway and Denmark. The rest of the Nordic people have an approximately similar situation. You might wonder what is so different and so appealing in those countries? This is all about the willpower, freedom, and the democratic being of people.

As mentioned before, it is necessary to acknowledge that democracy should not be taken for granted. This is very difficult to fully understand, but very easy to underestimate. Democracy was once only the utopian country and may become one again if not treated correctly. The main reason behind this is to keep up with democracy and its principles. The main principles are the basic human rights that have to be respected and considered while making any and every simple decision.

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Norway might be facing a threat to its democracy. Does not matter how ironically it may sound, but it is true. Fortunately or unfortunately some major challenges and changes are going on and people are speaking their ideas regarding certain topics that have been put aside for quite some time. Norway was one of the first countries to obtain democracy and one of these countries to maintain the democratic view as well. Though, it soon might come to an end if people are not heard at the right time and at the right place.

The Issue

Why do we say that democracy in Norway might be endangered? This is because of the irony that the government owns a significant portion of the biggest industries of the country. This turned out to be surprising even for me. The biggest industries of the country include the oil and fishing industries Those are the most lucrative and the biggest in the country. Most of the people are employed in those exact fields. The most money also is involved in those industries. This clearly means that the government should be benefiting from their shares a lot.

Democracy is about sharing and caring. It is about the satisfaction of people and about equal shares. Yet, after the government practically owns a significant portion of the business, it automatically means that it is politicized already. This can not be beneficial and pleasant news for people, and a significant part and community of the business owners in Norway might be narrowed by this fact as well.

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Moreover, another biggest industry in the country, which is gambling is in a full monopoly of the government. The gambling industry is generally the biggest industry and involves a lot of aspects. Despite the fact that online gambling is legal in the country and there are casinos present as well, it is all owned by the local government. The gambling industry which is supposed to be extremely lucrative and free in choice and operation is controlled by the government. According to the source https://nyecasino.ninja/, the government does not give the private sectors and investors participation in the gambling industry. They can not legally operate the casino, as it’s all monopolized by the government.

One way or another, it is very strange, and especially it might sound irrelevant in relation to Norway, which is believed to be one of the most democratic countries in Europe, if not in the world.

A New Scandal is Popping Up

The trial against former justice minister of Norway, Tor Mikkel Wara has taken a strange turn. There is some technical evidence against life in the partner of Norway’s former justice minister. Not only is she charged for her crimes but is charged for the endangering democracy by allegedly making false threats against her own husband as well as some other authorities.

The media storm was around the famous pair back in 2018 and 2019. This was when the threats were against Wara as well as his conservative party members. Laila Anita Berthuessen might be imprisoned for 16 years for the vandalism of the couple’s house in Oslo. She covered the couple’s house and a car with a swastika and put the word racism, which she managed to misspell. Besides that, she started a fire in the couple’s car when they were in the house. The investigation process began straight ahead. With this news and the process many Norwegian citizens, as well as politicians, were in shock.

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There is the official footage of Bertheussen setting the car on fire as well as opening the door of the house. The footage is from the cameras which were installed in the couple’s house. Bertheussen is believed to be sending the threatening letters to different officials and colleagues. Threatened people include the right-wing Progress Party: Member of Parliament Christian Tybring-Gjedde and his wife Ingvild Smines Tybring-Gjedde, who served as Norway’s minister in charge of national preparedness.

The vandalism happened in2018, and the rest of the threats happened somewhere between of 2019. The mobile phone is also under investigation, to track the movement and activities of Bertheussen. The mobile phone tracks the movements that the police believe is relevant to the existing cases. The attorney of the couple is one of the strongest and best ones existing in Norway, which might mean the serious court process and might guarantee the relevant imprisonment period.

One way or another, there are quite a few things to be discussed before naming Norway as one of the most democratic countries in the world again. So far, there is a serious threat to the democratic nomination for the country.

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