The International Dominates With Two Channels Over 10M Hours Watched: Top Twitch Channels, August 19 – 25

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The International dominates viewership for the week with two channels generating more than 10M hours watched. 

Meanwhile, the Overwatch League’s final weekend of regular season action produced similar average viewership to previous weeks despite fewer matches being played.

The following channels are ranked according to the total number of hours watched on Twitch from Monday to the following Sunday, with data compiled using TEO Access.



The International


Dota 2’s premier competition, The International, is one of the only events in esports that can generate more than 10M hours watched for a single channel in a week, and this past weekend, coverage for the event helped two channels surpass that mark. 



Both the English and Russian-language channels for The International had at least 12M hours watched over the course of the week outperforming the third most-watched channel by nearly 10M hours watched. 

English-language viewership beat out Russian-language coverage with an average of 99K CCV, and a peak of 482K CCV. The Russian-language channel produced 69K CCV, peaking at 452K. The 11+ hours long grand final streams on Sunday for the event averaged 312K CCV (English) and 234K CCV (Russian-language).

Raid Preparation


As World of Warcraft Classic’s release fast approaches, Zack “Asmongold” [no last name known] has continued to reap the benefits of his community-driven WoW streams



The game’s top Twitch personality has seen massive year-over-year growth, and with an increase in airtime coming before WoW Classic’s launch tonight, Asmongold has prepared himself to experience a sizeable audience in the coming week, or even weeks, as new (or should we call it old?) content is released to the masses. 

As a savant of WoW lore, Asmongold will likely be able to captivate an audience of casual and diehard fans in the coming weeks who are looking to experience WoW Classic alongside an over-the-top personality. 

When It’s Over


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The Overwatch League had the final weekend of its regular season, and while total hours watched during that time period was down, that doesn’t show the full picture. 



Week 5 of Stage 4 served as a homestand week and the “Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend” at The Novo by Microsoft in Los Angeles, meaning that only eight total matches were played across just two days of competition. Typical OWL weekends include four days of competition with three-to-five matches being played a day.

While hours watched totals for the league were down from previous weeks, the lighter schedule was a large contributing factor. The weekend’s 100K CCV peak viewership and 40K+ average CCV figures were both right in line with peak and average viewership statistics with the league’s statistics in previous weeks this month.


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