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The Governator voices classic video games on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ – SFGate

Arnold Schwarzenegger joined Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” on Monday night to talk about the nonprofit After-School All-Stars, and — amusingly — add his voice to a few classic video games.

The Governator spoke via video from a room in his house decked out with a very on-brand gigantic replica of a tank and a contrasting flat-screen showing an aquarium of tropical fish (he also has an adorable wall of framed family photos).

First, Schwarzenegger outlined how the after-school program that he’s been involved with for 28 years has adapted to the coronavirus. To keep homebound kids occupied, they’ve enlisted them into a volunteer grocery delivery service.

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After the obligatory charity plug, which has become a recurring segment on Fallon’s show, Schwarzenegger broke the news that he’ll be revisiting his “Predator” role in a forthcoming video game.

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Fallon also highlighted a couple other “uncredited” video game voiceover jobs that he’s been involved in over the years, including cameos in “Super Mario Bros.” and “Pong.” Watch the full clip below.

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