The Flash Movie Costume Teases Major DCEU Upgrade

The Flash movie director Andy Muschietti knows exactly how to tease DC fans with reveals about the highly anticipated (and mysterious) new DCEU movie. After all, it has been over five years since The Flash movie was first announced by Warner Bros., and even longer since Ezra Miller first landed the role of Barry Allen.

In that time, The Flash movie has gone through countless of release date shifts, several directors, even more script drafts, and at least a couple of changes of focus. But now it appears to be back to adapting the Flashpoint story from the comics, where Barry Allen learns how to use his speed to travel back in time and prevent the murder of his mother…a noble intention that causes all kinds of ripple effects in the timeline, and will give DC movie fans their first glimpse of the company’s famed multiverse.

While Miller’s appearances as Barry Allen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and both versions of Justice League are generally liked well enough by fans, the big screen Flash costume never quite fully grasped the iconic sleekness of comics’ foremost speedster, favoring a darker color scheme and a more stylized lightning bolt emblem than comics fans are accustomed to.

We’ve known for quite some time that the plan has been to upgrade Barry’s suit for the new movie, with Muschietti revealing concept art back at DC Fandome last fall. But now he’s teasing the first look at the suit itself, and it’s a beauty…


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