The Circle’s Richard Madeley leaves Georgina in tears with heartfelt speech ahead of exit

Georgina was left in tears by Richard Madeley(Picture: Channel 4)

Richard Madeley left Georgina in tears as he bid farewell to The Circle, making an emotional speech as he revealed his identity to her.

The 63-year-old presenter has been pretending to be ‘Judy’ throughout his stint on The Circle, but as he was blocked from the chat – Richard had the chance to meet one member of the group in person.

Following his private chat about her ileostomy bag and suffering with Crohn’s disease, Richard chose to meet Georgina – who was slightly surprised, and delighted, to find him on her doorstep.

‘What on earth,’ Georgina said. ‘I didn’t think you were Judy. My mum loves you guys, she’s always spoke about you guys.

‘My mum’s going to die when she sees I’m sat on the sofa with you.’

Turning focus to their previous chat, Richard made an emotional plea to make her realise everything he said to her as ‘Judy’ was true during the exchange.

‘I want to explain something to you,’ Richard said. ‘I came in and my brief was to be on a secret mission and pretend to be a 27-year-old girl. Can you imagine what it felt like coming in to be told I had to be someone your age basically?

‘I’ve been lying all week, I’ve been pretending all week, I’ve been making it up all week, I’ve been completely off the leash. But I want you to understand this, when I spoke to you yesterday, you and I had our private chat, I had to still be Judy obviously but everything I said to you was from the heart.

Richard Madeley on The Circle (Picture: Channel 4)

‘That was actually me talking. Our conversation was totally real, it wasn’t pretend at all. And it wasn’t for effect and I wasn’t telling fibs or anything, everything I said to you about your bag and everything and your bravery in wearing it and putting it on camera. That was genuine.

‘It was the only genuine thing I’ve done all week. I just thought it was the bravest thing I’d ever seen.’

Georgina in tears, replied: ‘That means so much. Thank you so much.’

Asked why she didn’t upload the photo with her bag, Georgina replied: ‘I thought people are going to see that picture first off and I want people to see Georgina first, rather than Georgina with Crohn’s disease.

‘I want them to see Georgina who has Crohn’s disease. So I wanted them to get to know me first off and then show it. It wasn’t something I wanted to hide.’

As a result, everyone watching was an emotional mess.

The Circle continues Wednesday Channel 4 at 10.15pm.

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