The Circle welcomes new arrival Jan Jones as they reject Italian model who’s worked with Taylor Swift

Jan has joined The Circle (Picture: Channel 4)

Contestants on The Circle welcomed a new player into the mix after questioning two potential candidates, but there was some slight regret over who they turned away.

In the latest episode, two new arrivals in soon to be divorcee Jan Jones, 58, and Italian model Andrea Denver, 28, were put forward to The Circle to fight for their place on the show.

The identities of the contestants were concealed behind a blue egg and a red egg, leaving the other players to ask a series of questions to get to know them.

After a round of quizzing, the players had to vote for who they want to join The Circle – with the majority choosing Jan aka the blue egg.

Andrea, who was forced to leave, said: ‘I feel like if I’d have started the game with my profile picture, it would have been a different story.’

After his profile picture was shown to The Circle, many of them certainly seemed to regret their decision.

Ella, who even tried to lick the screen, screamed: ‘I f**king knew he’d be fit!’

‘Wow, I’d do illegal things,’ Paddy remarked. ‘Bye Andrea hun, DM me on the outside.’

Andrea is a model who has had connections with Madonna and also played the role of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend in the video for Blank Space.

The show also set up another twist, whereby viewers get to choose who should become a ‘secret influencer’ who will have the power to block one player.

This time, however, the chosen contestant will be unaware of their power – and will have to block the contestant by meeting them face to face on Sunday night’s show.

The Circle continues on Channel 4 Sunday at 10pm.

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