The Circle fans 'in tears' as Richard Madeley comes clean with true identity

It was time for Richard Madly revealed all in tonight’s episode of The Circle.

The TV legend joined the show last and has been pretending to an 27-year-old hottie Judy as part of the catfish television series.

After being voted as influencers on Monday’s episodes, Georgina Elliot and Tim Wilson had to power to block one player from The Circle. The duo decided to block Judy see her leave the Channel 4 show this evening.

However unbeknown to Georgia and Tim and the players, Judy was actually TV favourite Richard.

Richard visited Georgina before he left The Circle

The blonde bombshell was actually celebrity catfish Richard, who is married to Judy Finnigan.

The 63-year-old presenter was given a false identity on launch night but could not win the show.

As part of a secret task, Richard was given the challenge to get Judy removed from The Circle.

The presenter completed his task and seen him depart the show but not before one last twist.

Georgia was left in tears after opening to Richard about her Crohn’s disease

He could grant one player immunity from the net elimination by meeting them face-to-face before leaving the apartments.

He decided to meet Georgina and granted her a pass from the next eviction.

Georgia was gobsmacked and screamed: “My mum is going to die! My mum loves you!”

The pair then had a touching conversation about Georgina’s Crohn’s disease that left her in tears.

The TV legend revealed himself in a video

One said: “Literally crying at Georgina and Richard meeting. It was so sweet.”

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Another added: “Might have to put two teabags in my tea to recover from Georgina’s and Richard’s dmc.”

A third said: “I cried at Richard and Georgina.”

The other players were all left shell shocked when Richard sent them a video of himself explaining he was in fact Richard and not Judy.

The Circle returns to Channel 4 at 10pm tomorrow


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