The cheapest shop to buy fans this week – prices start from just £5 and it’s not Lidl or B&M

HOT weather has finally hit the UK and with that brings stuffy nights – but you don’t have to spend a fortune to stay cool. 

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where the best deals are, but do not worry as we rounded up where to find the best bargains.

The weather is heating up and could reach up to 31 degrees this week


The weather is heating up and could reach up to 31 degrees this weekCredit: Getty

Remember our list is still a guide so it is important to continue to shop around just in case you find a hidden gem, and prices can change from one day to the next.

A handy tip is to use price comparison sites such as Google Shopping or the Latest Deals app to search for similar products elsewhere.

Meanwhile, apps such as Coupert automatically finds coupons, and applies the best value coupon code at the checkout. 

While shopping online is convenient, do not forget about checking independent stores or your local supermarket as more stock might be available than what’s advertised online. 


To avoid disappointment it can be helpful to call your local branch ahead of time and ask how many items they have in stock. 

If you are keen to shop online do not forget to factor in delivery costs and the wait time for your product online. 


This fan features a four inch diameter aluminium blade and is USB powered.


This fan features a four inch diameter aluminium blade and is USB powered.Credit: image credit asda

Britain’s third largest supermarket chain has some of the cheapest fans on the market with prices starting at just £5. 

Asda is selling a small four inch fan for a few quid with the product available both online and in store.

The 4 Inch USB Desk Fan Black features a four inch 4″ diameter Aluminium blade and is USB powered. 

“It works great for a quick cool off at your desk,” a review from a customer read. 

Four simple ways to save money at Asda

It is not only small fans the supermarket has in store. 

Asda is also selling a 16 Inch Pedestal Fan for £25. This is more pricey but the product is larger and has more power



The fan has three speed settings and offers a one year warranty. 

You will have to manually assemble the fan but the instructions in the box should explain how to do this. It also has an adjustable height feature. 



B&Q's 16 inch fan


B&Q’s 16 inch fanCredit: Image credit B&Q

The DIY store is offering punters the change to grab a 6 inch fan for just £11.95. 

According to the retailer’s website, the product is suitable for use on a desk or a table and ideal for home and office use. 

If you are keen to buy this product you will have to buy it online as it is not available in any B&Q stores. 

The portable product comes with a three month guarantee. 

If you have a bit more money to burn B&M also has a range of fans ranging from upwards of £11.95. 

The second cheapest item B&Q offered was the white 16″ 40W pedestal fan for £25. 

This product has three speed settings which all aim to keep you cool as the days heat up. 

“Picked this up in the recent mini heatwave for my mum who suffers. It was perfect, did the job, was self-sufficient as it’s on its own , and of great value,” one review on the B&Q website read. 


Blyss aoba 11" desk fan 220-240V for £14.99


Blyss aoba 11″ desk fan 220-240V for £14.99Credit: Image credit screwfix

The hardware store is often packed with hidden bargains. 

We found it was one of the cheapest retailers when it came to selling electric fans. 

It is currently selling a Blyss aoba 11″ desk fan 220-240V for £14.99. 

The desk fan appears to be light and compact weighing only 1.8kg and has a warranty of one year. 

It also comes with three different speed settings. 

The product is available for click and collect, home delivery and you can also buy one in store. 

You can check stock levels at your local Screw fix by visiting 


B&M is currently selling a 9 inch Blaupunkt desk fan for £15.


B&M is currently selling a 9 inch Blaupunkt desk fan for £15.Credit: Image credit B&M

The budget store is currently selling a 9 inch Blaupunkt desk fan for £15. 

It comes with 2 speed settings and you can tilt the head in the desired direction and use the oscillating function to ensure a more even distribution of cool air.

The product comes in two colours grey and white. 

Its features include:

  • 2 Speed Settings
  • Tilting head and oscillating function.
  • Mains powered

B&M is also selling a 6 inch version for the same model for £10. 

Both can be bought online or in stores. 


Sainsbury's is selling 12 inch desk fan by the brand challenge for £16.75


Sainsbury’s is selling 12 inch desk fan by the brand challenge for £16.75Credit: Image credit Sainsbury’s

When we checked, the UK’s second largest grocery store had just one electric fan in stock. 

According to its online website it is selling a 12 inch desk fan by the brand Challenge for £16.75. 

Its features include: 

  • 3 speed settings
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Oscillating
  • Suitable for freestanding
  • Self-assembly

Sports Direct 

The affordable retailer does not only sell cheap sports clobber, but also a range of homeware and electrical goods. 

For £16.99 punters can pick up a  16 inch standing fan.

If that does not tickle your fancy, Sports Direct is also selling a 12 inch oscillating desk fan for £12.99

It has 3 settings depending on if you prefer a gentle low setting or a high powered cooling.


Silvercrest 16” Pedestal Fan retailing for £17.99 in Lidl


Silvercrest 16” Pedestal Fan retailing for £17.99 in LidlCredit: IMAHE CREDIT LIDL

The German discounter is great for a bargain, but you have to act quickly as its products tend to sell out quickly. 

As part of its ‘Middle of Lidl’ weekly offers, it is selling a range of fans this week.  

The cheapest is £7.99, however, this is a handheld portable fan aimed at keeping you cool on the go. 

If you are looking for something more heavy duty, you can buy a Silvercrest 16” Pedestal Fan for £17.99

Lidl's Silvercrest Bladeless Tower Fan for £59.99


Lidl’s Silvercrest Bladeless Tower Fan for £59.99Credit: Image credit Lidl

Customers feeling particularly flush could splurge £59.99 on a  Silvercrest bladeless tower fan. 

This luxury product comes with a range of settings and its features  include:

  • No blades
  • 4 operating modes: normal, natural, sleep, power
  • Timer function (up to 8 hours)
  • Matt finish

If you are keen to snap one up you will have to visit a physical store. 

It is important to remember to keep shopping around as prices vary from store to store.

What summer deals do retailers currenlty have on?

The Sun takes a look at the best summer sales on this week


The German discounter is continuing to run its ‘Middle of Lidl’ weekly offers, but this week the bargains are centred around keeping you cool this summer. 

Lidl is selling six different types of electric fans this week. The cheapest retailing for £7.99. If you are keen to snap one up you will have to visit a physical store. 


Argos is running its Summer Sale, which offers a discount on over 1000 goods. Up for grabs is a Polygroup Summer Waves 10ft Quick Up Paddling Pool going for £30 down from £60. 

Additionally, punters can pick up a  Summer Waves Skip It Sprinkle for £9 marked down from £21. 


Britain’s largest supermarket is offering 50% off a range of paddling pools, garden toys, and swimming togs. 

But remember you will need to be signed up for a Tesco Clubcard to get the savings at the till. When signing up to the supermarkets loyalty scheme you can either download the Tesco Grocery and Clubcard app to your Apple or Android device or register online.

Keeping cool on a budget

It comes as temperatures are set to hit a sizzling 31 degrees this week in some parts of the UK. 

But households should be aware that leaving an electric fan on can racks up a hefty charge.  

The average 50W fan, which runs for eight hours overnight, would cost you 9p a day,Nicholas Auckland, energy expert at Trade Radiators, previously told The Sun. 

If it was on for eight hours every night over June, July and August,  this would be £12.48.

But the energy pro said the price will vary from fan to fan. 

“The usual wattage of a fan ranges anywhere from 20W-75W.” 

Otherways to keep cool without racking up a bill

Uswitch energy comparison shared with The Sun the best tips to stay cool without adding to your energy bill

Create a cooling breeze:
 Place a bowl of ice cubes in front of an electric fan to create a refreshing breeze as it blows the ice-cold air around the room.

Close the curtains: Keep your curtains shut during the day. It may be tempting to let the light in, but the sunshine will heat the room, turning your home into a greenhouse. 

Unplug the tech
: Plugged-in gadgets produce heat, including those that are on standby. Unplug them when you are not using them to keep the room cool. 

Take advantage of the daylight
: Switch the lights off during the day. Lightbulbs release heat causing a room to get warmer, so turning them off or switching to LED bulbs that give off less heat can help reduce the overall temperature. With the sun setting late in the evening during summer you can keep the lights off for longer and therefore keep the room cooler. 

Use a hot water bottle: You don’t have to use a hot water bottle just to keep warm. Instead, you can fill it with cold water to keep you cool during the night.

What is going on with your energy bill?

Energy bills have fallen significantly since last summer and are due to fall again in July. 

The average price of an energy bill is due to fall by 7% next month, when the latest changes to the energy price cap come into effect. 

Energy consultants at Cornwall Insight previously told The Sun they expect the typical household’s energy bill to fall from £1,690 a year to £1,574 a year on July 1.

This would be £500 less than the cap in July last year, when it was £2,074 and just £34 higher than April 2024’s cap.

It is important to remember the price cap changes every three months, so your bills could change again in October.

According to MoneySavingExpert the figure is set to rise by a whopping 12% in October to £1,762 a year.

The figure is predicted to stay the same even in the next price cap which takes place in January 2025.


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