The Chase: Jenny Ryan leaves viewers in turmoil over huge change ‘What have you done?’

The Chase saw Jenny Ryan go up against some seriously tough competitors on today’s show. 

Although she seemed to be holding her own, the professional quizzer left viewers rather distracted. 

Jenny wore her famous red locks down past her shoulders to one side. 

However, she has become known for her beehive hairstyle which was missing today.

Fans flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on her switched-up ‘do, and many were shocked to see such a change.

One said: “Jenny, what have you done to your hair?”

Another added: “Jenny looks nice with her hair down – just saying.”

A third shared: “The Vixen looks absolutely great with her hair out!”

Jenny’s hair looks lovely like that,” a fourth commented.

A fifth said: “Loving the Vixen’s more relaxed hair look on today’s #TheChase – very pretty!”

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There was a simple explanation however, as today’s episode was a repeat and therefore it was merely how Jenny used to wear her hair. 

Nevertheless, whether her hair is up or down, Jenny is still an incredibly tough opponent for any contestant. 

Yesterday, The Chase viewers were in uproar over a contestant’s final round performance.

After his two colleagues had been wiped out by Mark Labbett, Ben got through to the final round with an astonishing £50,000.

However, the final contestant yesterday, Charlotte, took the lower offer of minus £10,000, immediately cutting the final total.

In the Final Chase, Charlotte was hot on the buzzer and kept pressing it before Ben, even though she passed a couple of times. 

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Viewers weren’t happy with her method and took to Twitter in outrage.

“She takes 10 grand from the prize money he had the bottle to go for and then buzzes in to pass before he has a chance to even think! He’d have been better off on his own!” one exclaimed.

Another opined: “Ben would have answered more if she hadn’t been there he would’ve had 2 secs to think before she passed.”(sic)

“What is Charlotte’s favourite colour? Charlotte: Pass,” a third jested.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm. 


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