The best Oculus Quest 2 accessories

What if you want somewhere to proudly showcase your Oculus Quest 2 that also charges it? Well, that’s where the NexiGo S20 comes in. It acts not only as a dock, holding your headset and its controllers in all their glory when not in use, but it’ll also charge everything so it’s ready to go when you are.

The kit comes with a dock, along with replacement rechargeable AA batteries and accompanying Oculus controller covers that make it compatible with the touch-charging points in the dock. That way, whenever your controllers are slotted into place, they’ll get charged up.

When it comes to the headset itself, NexiGo supplies a MagSafe-esque USB-C cable for charging. You put the magnetic USB-C node into the side of the headset, and the cable magnetically snaps into place when held nearby. The beauty of this system is that you can simply lift the headset away, and the cable will disconnect without moving the stand. It’s a smooth experience, although the magnetic connection can sometimes be a little fiddly.

There’s even built-in LED lighting that, as well as making the dock look cool, displays the current charge status of your headset and controllers – orange when charging, blue when charged. The only downside is that these can’t be disabled, making the dock a bit too bright for use on a bedroom table.

It’s also worth noting that while it’s compatible with the standard and Elite headstraps, the added weight of the Elite headstrap with battery means it’s incompatible with the dock. 


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