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The Best Multiplayer Games Of 2021 – Looper

While the rogue-like genre remains popular, with newer entries like Loop Hero showing how the style has evolved, the format remains intimidating. After all, roguelikes depend on unforgiving principles, such as permadeath, and their procedurally generated worlds often lend themselves to solo experiences, making help hard to find.

Team17’s Rogue Hero: Ruins of Tasos makes the genre a little more accessible by softening the edges of the roguelike experience. While players can still expect to encounter death frequently while exploring Rogue Hero: Ruins of Tasos, Game Informer experience points are saved upon player death. This mechanic, which was appreciated by publications like Game Informer, means that players can continually improve their character every time they die, gradually making survival and progression more manageable.

Also, up to four players can band together to maximize their chances of survival in Rogue Hero: Ruins of Tasos. Adding at least one other player to the party allows team members to resurrect one another, meaning that one overwhelming encounter won’t necessarily end the run. In addition, fallen players can continue to experience the game as a ghost, tripping traps and manipulating the world while waiting for their teammates to bring them back. Rogue Hero: Ruins of Tasos is available on PC and Switch.


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