The best iPhone 2023

4. iPhone 14 Pro – Still an excellent choice

Prior to the iPhone 15 range, the iPhone 14 Pro was the best iPhone for most people. It offers key improvements over the iPhone 13 Pro not only in terms of raw performance but new features, with the 14 Pro sporting key new tech including Apple’s Dynamic Island camera cut-out.

Replacing the standard Face ID notch, the oblong-shaped cut-out is an impressive blend of software and hardware that brings the notch into the iOS experience, displaying timers, music controls and more without having to access your lock screen. It’s utterly charming and a true highlight of Apple’s keen eye for software and hardware design.

That’s not all, though: it’s also the first iPhone to offer an always-on display, and in true Apple form, it’s much better than the Android competition. While it dims the display, you’ve still got full access to your wallpaper, time, widgets, notifications and music controls without any real impact on overall battery life.

The 48Mp rear snapper is another highlight of this year’s Pro model; using 4-in-1 pixel binning tech, the new main camera offers an impressive boost not only to overall detail but low-light photography. That’s a trend of all cameras on the 14 Pro, with Apple claiming a general 2x improvement.

The only real disappointment is battery life; while it’ll keep on going if left on standby, you’ll likely only be able to squeeze about a day’s use out of the phone before it’ll need a top-up – a stark difference to the big-screen iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Plus & Pro Max.

But you may now prefer to buy the iPhone 15 Pro, which gets a new A17 Pro chip and titanium build.