The Best Anime on HBO Max

Yuasa’s typical rule-breaking flair towards animation is present, but the series lovingly looks into each stage of the animation process. It’s an amazing look into how anime comes together from someone who has such an unbridled love for the medium. This should be mandatory viewing for anyone who has an inkling of interest in the animation industry. It’s also another series that’s only 12 episodes, so not only is Eizouken! very easy to digest, but it’s an anime that you’ll wish was at least twice as long.

Best HBO Max Anime - Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

One of the best things about anime is that there are often premises that could only be done in this insane medium. Sentient clothing that makes high school girls engage in combat? Yeah, that’s definitely anime for you. Kill la Kill thrives on this ridiculousness and the scantily clad nature of its cast reflects a self-aware nature of the genre and its audience.

Ridiculousness aside, the series features incredible fight scenes with bonkers weapons (scissor swords!) with a story of revenge that’s basically “Shakespeare, but anime.” TRIGGER Animation is one of the best studios in the business and the work that they do on Kill la Kill is a perfect example of why they’ve turned into a household name.

Best HBO Max Anime - Erased


Erased is pure anime crack and it’s easy to just binge through all 12 episodes of the unconventional murder mystery. Erased explores a man named Satoru who experiences something called “revivals,” which allow him to go back in time a few seconds in order to help save lives from accidents like negligent drivers. One day Satoru’s revival sends him back 18 years into the past and he realizes that he needs to solve the mystery of a serial kidnapper whose crimes in the future lead to the death of Satoru’s mother. Satoru befriends the victims in a bid to change history, but as his efforts continue to fail, his revival puts him into a trial and error process to fix the future in what’s a brilliant take on the mystery genre. In addition to the trippy science fiction elements, Erased is also a show where you genuinely care about the characters and want Satoru to succeed, as well as the introduction of a seriously frightening villain.

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Best HBO Max Anime - Berserk


Berserk is gritty, bloody hardcore animation that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “restraint.” Guts is a traveling mercenary who crosses a dark world and eliminates hordes of monsters along the way. Guts is a brooding hero who wields a sword that’s nearly as tall as he is, which is a good indication of the over the top nature of the anime’s blood and violence. Monsters are cleaved in half and viscera rains down. People that are looking for something that scratches that Game of Thrones’ itch will love Berserk and its unflinching battles.

Best HBO Max Anime - Grave of the Butterflies

Grave of the Fireflies


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