'The bed was crawling': Baby bitten in bed bugs nightmare at TUI hotel left mum 'sick'

“I cannot express how angry I am at Tui for completely failing us. I feel completely sick and traumatised that we were in this situation but more angry for my children.”

Sarah said: “Another couple who were suffering in the hotel sent me a video of their bed with a bug on it. I am just in complete shock not only a five-star hotel could be so unsanitary and incompetent but that Tui feel it is acceptable to keep guests in such conditions for five days without even speaking to us we had to chase every time and eventually paid to move ourselves.

“We have had to be super careful, two of our cases are still in the car. I have opened them one at a time so far and put our clothes in black bags ready for a hot wash. Then I need to steam and disinfect each suitcase.

“We constantly feel like we are crawling. It’s been so stressful.”


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