The Beauty Memo: Shay Mitchell reveals the £7 face mask she can't live without and the best makeup tip Patrick Ta ever gave her

Looking for long hair inspiration? Shay Mitchell. Glowing skin goals? Shay Mitchell. Bold makeup looks? Shay Mitchell.

Ever since the now 31-year-old popped up on our TV screens in Pretty Little Liars, we’ve become obsessed with her beauty style.

Never one to disappoint on a red carpet, the Filipino beauty has worn some of the most envious smokey eyes, bold lip colours, updos and sleek hairstyles. Even recently switching her long dark hair for a platinum blonde wig (which almost had us fooled).

Here, Shay chats to GLAMOUR about her beauty routine. From the face mask she can’t live without, to the one makeup tip she’ll always abide by…

Shani Darden is the one person I trust with my skin

She is my facialist, she’s one of my best friends and she has changed my skin completely. When I first moved out here I had a really hard time transitioning to the LA weather – it’s more humid and there’s a lot more dirt here – but seeing her has really guided me on a great skin journey. She’s definitely somebody that I like to see once a month.

I always do more face masks when I’m travelling

I always have to pack on more moisturisers on planes and if there’s one mask I take with me every time, it’s the Biore Self-Heating One Minute Mask (£7.99). It comes in a little packet, it literally takes one minute and I like that sort of tingling clean sensation that I have afterwards.

I definitely have a routine that I stick to as well; I always wash my face, morning and night, and I always use a toner.

My favourite makeup look for 2019 so far is from the People’s Choice Awards

Patrick Ta was doing my makeup, and I love that he used a rusty sort of orange to match my dress. But there was also a little bit of a pink highlight.

Instead of just using a normal highlighter, we mixed the Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer (£21) with my foundation. So the photos just had a subtle but amazing glow.

No matter what, I’ll always do my makeup in front of a window

It’s very simple but we (her and makeup artist Patrick) always do makeup in front of natural light.

I think that’s something that I will always do, because even if you do your makeup in bright light in a bathroom, it’s not as good as sitting in front of a window. So anytime I’m getting ready in the morning, it doesn’t matter if the bathroom is big and beautiful, I’m always in front of a window with the handheld mirror.

I love using oils on my hair

I think my long hair has something to do with my mum. She always had hair down to her ankles when she was younger so that definitely comes from her.

Other than that, I’m always a fan of oils, like argan oil and coconut oil. If I’m at a sauna or on vacation at the beach, I like to wrap it up in oil with a little shower cap and just leave it sitting in there.

The 3 lip colours I can’t live without

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect berry tone shade as it’s one I’ll wear quite often. For everyday, it has to be Buxom’s Full-On Lip Cream in ‘Dolly’ (£15). I just feel like it’s perfect on every skin tone and it’s my go-to lip polish.

And then when I’ve been travelling or am in tropical places, I love being tan and wearing a peachy-orange lip.

My number one exercise right now is boxing

I love boxing because when you’re in that moment you don’t have a chance to think about anything else. I also love spinning. I’m somebody who thinks people should switch it up until they find something they love, so that it doesn’t feel like a workout.

I’ve also done meditation before, and I’ve been meaning to pick it up again this year. I really feel like I have more energy when I do it.

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