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The 9 best video games for parents and kids to play together this Father’s Day – Business Insider – Business Insider

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Family Father and Son Playing Video Games

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  • Playing video games can help parents build stronger relationships with their kids and introduce the family to a new shared hobby.
  • Below, we’ve selected some of the best video games for families to play together on Father’s Day and year-round.

Video games have become a generational hobby that parents and kids can share, and what better occasion to get together and play than a family holiday like Father’s Day?

Sharing a game can help families learn how to work better together, improving cooperation and communication with shared goals and experiences. Of course, there’s always the simple joy that comes with sharing a hobby too.

Whether you want to find the perfect game to introduce your dad to gaming, or just find a cooperative game to get the family playing together online or in person, the list below highlights some of the best video games for parents and kids to share.

While some of our choices are console exclusive, like Nintendo’s games for the Switch, there’s no shortage of fun and affordable games available on your phone or other platforms.


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