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The 20 Biggest Selling Video Games Of All Time – But Which Is The Best? – LADbible

It’s National Video Games Day – meaning you are absolutely within your rights to crack out your favourite game of all time and strap in for some quality you time.

The gaming industry has gone from strength to strength since Pacman was just a boy – and the advances in console technology have led to some remarkable graphics gameplay and immersive gaming experiences.

The rise of online and multiplayer gaming has also connected players around the world – a far cry from solo button bashing and joystick waggling in your bedroom.

We’ve rounded up the 20 biggest selling video games of all time – and now you get to have your say into which stands out as the best.

Just move the games up and down the list to create your own top 20. Is Tetris better than Super Mario? Call of Duty or Pokemon? GTA or Wii?


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