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Over the course of its forty-two years, the Star Wars universe has spawned a roster of media best described as monolithic, and perhaps unsurprisingly so. The immensity of its scope and setting make it absolutely ripe for spin-off series, novelizations, and of course, video games. In fact, the Star Wars franchise has produced some of the most influential and successful titles in the gaming industry, and it continues to do so today.

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But among such a lengthy list of titles, which ones were the absolute best? To answer that question, we’ve taken a deep dive into Metacritic to see which Star Wars titles pack the most gaming clout according to their Metascore. Keep scrolling to join Game Rant in checking out the top ten best rated Star Wars video games according to Metacritic.

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10 Star Wars: Battlefront II (84/100) (PS2)

Not to be confused with the polarizing 2017 release by EA, this original Xbox classic stuck close to the successful roots of its 2004 predecessor, and as such was a nearly instantaneous hit upon release. Today it is fondly recalled as one of the best titles in the Battlefront series.

Although Battlefront II did generally play it safe with the gameplay formula, it did bring some interesting and fun new toys for players to tinker with. Not least among those was the addition of playable heroes, allowing players to step into the shoes of iconic characters from the franchise such as Darth Maul and Luke Skywalker.

9 Star Wars: Starfighter (84/100) (PS2)

Successful prequel spin-offs are generally few and far between, but Star Wars: Starfighter managed to pass muster in fine fashion. It isn’t quite as definitive or iconic as the legendary Rogue Squadron series, but it enjoyed a decent critical reception, particularly on the Playstation 2.

Barring the obvious Rogue Squadron comparisons, it’s still a great, action-packed title with a well done campaign, and having the opportunity to pilot some of the prequel trilogy’s more iconic spacecraft, such as the Naboo Starfighter, is pretty neat.

8 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (85/100) (N64)

For many, Rogue Squadron was the definitive Star Wars flight simulator. This late ’90s gem was highly praised for its responsive flight controls and impressive graphical fidelity for the time, being one of those rare titles that seemed to take full advantage of the Nintendo 64’s Expansion Pak upgrade.

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Playing as none other than Luke Skywalker, the player gets to pilot an entire spread of the Rebel Alliance’s iconic spacecraft, including the iconic and unforgettable X-Wing. The game was also noteworthy for possessing a treasure trove of unlockable content, upping its replay value significantly.

7 Star Wars: The Old Republic (85/100) (PC)

The Old Republic is the most recent MMORPG offering in the Star Wars universe, launching in 2011 and remaining online up to the very moment of this writing. It’s also noteworthy for being Bioware’s first foray into the massively multiplayer market, and is set three hundred years after the events of the RPG title Knights of the Old Republic.

After selecting their class and race, players join up with one of two factions (the Empire or the Republic) while also maintaining a morality alignment that is independent of that choice. Though the game was initially subscription dependent, it switched over the a free-to-play model during 2012, which it has successfully stuck with to this day.

6 Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (86/100) (Xbox)

This sequel to the much celebrated Knights of the Old Republic definitely didn’t disappoint fans, largely holding up the weight of the original’s legacy with even further narrative depth. However, it didn’t escape without being prodded by some minor critical gripes.

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Although praised for its feats of storytelling, some minor issues were raised concerning the lack of innovation with its combat system and the largely unimproved graphical fidelity. However, these mostly pedantic criticisms feel far short of discouraging its fan base from taking immense enjoyment in further exploring the saga of Darth Revan.

5 LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (86/100) (PC)

Of the myriad LEGO titles available on the market, The Original Trilogy is far and away the most widely appreciated and well loved. Condensing the events of, as one might infer from the title, the original Star Wars trilogy into a singular title, LEGO‘s signature satirical humor absolutely shines.

The Original Trilogy is one of those rare titles that appeals across the entire spectrum, packing in enough humor and straightforward gameplay to be family friendly, while offering enough content and replay value for avid gamers to take a liking to it.

4 Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (89/100) (PC)

Although Jedi Knight II offers enough in the vein of conventional shooter mechanics for that aspect of the game to stand on its own, it really manages to impress when it comes to lightsaber battles and Jedi force powers, which are almost well developed enough to warrant their own game.

Its linear single player adventure following the exploits of Kyle Katarn is plenty of fun, but it brilliant multiplayer component really set it aside, especially on the game’s PC version. Taking your lightsaber duels online against other players in real time felt truly epic.

3 Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II (90/100) (GameCube)

The second title in the legendary Rogue Squadron trilogy was a launch title for the GameCube’s North American release, and according to Metacritic, is the highest rated among the three. It packs in all the features that made the original Rogue Squadron great, along with stunning visuals, making it one of the greatest games in the entirety of the GameCube’s library.

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The player guides dual protagonists Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles through a thrilling single player campaign that spans the events of the entire original Star Wars trilogy. After completing a mission with its assigned spacecraft, players can go back and play through it again with practically any of the game’s available spacecraft, lending considerably to its replay value.

2 Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (91/100) (PC)

Dark Forces II was primarily a first person shooter experience that was elevated by thrilling lightsaber combat and usage of Jedi force powers, and would further set the precedent for future Jedi Knight titles with an extremely engaging and fun multiplayer component.

The game has incredibly detailed graphics for the time of its 1997 release, though PC gamers needed what was then fairly advanced hardware in order to take full advantage of it. Those that did however were treated to considerable visual spectacle over the course of Kyle Katarn’s journey through its impressive twenty one level campaign.

1 Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (94/100) (Xbox)

Widely hailed as one of BioWare’s most notable landmark titles and one of the finest RPG games within the Star Wars universe, Knights of the Old Republic is worth every bit of acclaim it has garnered from its 2003 release and onward.

The game’s loosely adapted Dungeons & Dragons combat mechanics were revolutionary and well applied, and its plot surrounding the mystery and intrigue of now legendary Sith Lord Darth Revan is certainly one for the ages. Pairing it with its well designed environments and a cast of unforgettable characters is a recipe for a title that collectively raised the bar not only for Star Wars games, but the gaming industry as a whole.

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